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  52 Throwleigh Lane • Boyce, Virginia • 540-837-1314  
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Welcome to Throwleigh Farm

Entrance to Throwleigh Farm   Our Location
Throwleigh Farm, 400 acres, located in Clarke County, Virginia within the Shenandoah Valley, is located in the northern part of the state, twenty-five miles from Middleburg and ten miles from Winchester. Being ten miles from Interstate 81, it offers easy access up and down the east coast.


Horses at Throwleigh Farm   Our Services

The farm offers a range of horse related services:

  • Horse retirement. Fortunate horses, rather than being destroyed at the end of loyal service, live out the rest of their lives in comfortable retirement through the generosity of their owners.
  • Lay up. Active horses recovering from injury or for a host of other reasons, may simply need to be turned out, perhaps for a month or so, and sometimes much longer. These horses require more attention than simple retirees.
  • Light care. Making no claim of veterinary experience, acting only as horsemen, we tend horses requiring daily medication and daily hands-on attention.
  • Boarding. For any number of reasons an owner might wish to have his horse stabled.
  • Polo. Ponies are cared for in the off season.


Horses at Throwleigh Farm   Who Are We?

The owners, all of whom have been with horses their entire lives, are actively engaged in the operation of the farm. A member of the family, not an hourly worker, is responsible for your animal.

  Why Choose Throwleigh Farm?

Throwleigh Farm offers good value at a reasonable price.

When you consider which facility is suitable for your horse, make enquiries. Who exactly will be tending your animal? What are his qualifications?

Horses at Throwleigh Farm   Our Fees

The fee for retirees is $175.00 per month which includes trimming and worming. The only extra fee is for the yearly West Nile, Rabies, Rhino, and Tetanus booster given in May. If your horse requires special trimming or attention, the owner will be billed. For retirees we make every effort to avoid calling in the veterinarian. Our view is that the owner has granted the horse a retirement, but he has not signed on for health care. We ask each owner exactly how far we are expected to go when the retiree has a health event.

The fee for polo ponies is $175.00 per month, but it does not include worming and trimming.

The fees for other types of care are quoted on an individual basis. For instance, a horse in stable requiring inspection and medication every four hours will cost significantly more than a horse with a bowed tendon where little can be done other than monitor his convalescence.

For further information, please contact us at dsdtfva@gmail.com.

Dunning Family

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  52 Throwleigh Lane • Boyce, Virginia • 540-837-1314  
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